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Nugget Press was born out of a need to produce stories with a gem, a nugget of insight or truth, whether it be born of pain or joy — or just the need to offer a different but important point of view.

You are invited to . . . explore this site, explore the book, and discover your nuggets of insight. 


An authentic Teller of Tales

A Rattler's Tale

One of my abiding passions is respect for all creatures, human and others. A Rattler’s Tale seeks to restore the balance between wild animals in the forest and the humans that visit their home. That is why the Arizona Black Rattlesnake — not a mere human visitor — is the authentic teller of these tales.

I also love placing humor into a story whenever it fits. While most subjects are, at their root, serious, adding the amusing nugget will make the story a better read every time — and closer to the truth.

Fairness, balance, poignancy, humor – look for these in books that come from Nugget Press.

A Rattler’s Tale is a wonderful set of short animal/human encounters that bring awareness of how we are so connected to our habitat and the animals that live in it, just out of sight (for the most part). A great read for adults and children alike and a stepping off point to start important  . . . .”  Continue