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Nugget Press was born out of a need to produce stories with a gem, a nugget of insight or truth, whether it be born of pain or joy — or just the need to offer a different but important point of view.

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An authentic Teller of Tales

A Rattler's Tale

One of my abiding passions is respect for all creatures, human and others. A Rattler’s Tale seeks to restore the balance between wild animals in the forest and the humans that visit their home. That is why the Arizona Black Rattlesnake — not a mere human visitor — is the authentic teller of these tales.

I also love placing humor into a story whenever it fits. While most subjects are, at their root, serious, adding the amusing nugget will make the story a better read every time — and closer to the truth.

Endorsed by former U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor: “The story is familiar to those of us living in Arizona – sadly too familiar. You did a good job articulating our sad story – the future as yet uncertain.”

A Dry Hate

Someone disrupted the silence, but he didn’t identify himself.
“You don’t know they’re citizens.”

Abuse of power takes many forms—from not doing the job one has sworn to do, to mis-spending publicly allocated funds, to blatant violations of individuals’ civil rights and liberties.

This pattern of multiple abuses of power that threatened our democracy locally (Arizona) in 2010, has gone viral in recent years. Thus, it is imperative to tell this story, inspired by true events, to expose the abuses that we should resist.
Another nugget of truth persists beyond abuse of power. A Dry Hate also shines a light on our common humanity. It must-read for those seeking to understand the complex events and the emotions of those caught in the web of Power Versus the People.