Animal’s Point of View, plus Resources

This is my friend Nancy Hicks Marshall ‘s latest book and I think it’s my favorite of her works so far. Through (sometimes embellished) true-life encounters between wildlife and a family of humans who regularly get away to a cabin in the woods, kids can learn about various Arizona wildlife and how to safely interact […]

Surprising Encounters!

I liked how the animals in A RATTLER’S TALE encountered humans – they sometimes do that in a surprising way – and how the author uses the encounter to give a lot of information about each wild critter by telling the story through their eyes. (Doris Lawson, 11/26,21)

Enjoyable for all ages: Illustrations Tied it Together

This book was so nice to read at any age and my whole family enjoyed it. The stories were so well laid out and the illustrations tied it all together! I highly recommend this book for everyone and anyone. Fernando Rios, November, 2021

Great gift for Elementary School Teacher or Child

Looking for a gift for an elementary school teacher or an elementary school child, this is the perfect one. It’s educational, charming, exciting and offers a née point of view- the Rattlers!! It’s a great book to reread, you’ll learn something new! Illustrations are wonderful as well. Great book fir a Christmas gift!!Sue Melzig, November, […]

Delightful stories plus back pages for more learning

After years of camping experience in the West, this charming adventure in the “wild animal meets human” category was a delightful read that brought back fond memories. For those children who have OR have not yet had the pleasure of being in the outdoors long enough to meet up with the local animals living around […]

Children who love animals interactions with humans will love this

  A wonderful book for children to enjoy the interactions of animals and humans.  RWG I don’t want to give the plot away….but it’s about animals who meet people in a vacation home in Az. It’s great! Younger kids can enjoy a chapter, older kids the whole book. If you have grandkids in Az., this […]

All Creatures Great and Small

Nancy Marshall has written a wonderful book of short stories featuring “ALL CREATURES GREAT AND SMALL” in and around her family cabin in the Arizona Bradshaw Mountains. The stories are told by an outspoken, opinionated, funny Arizona Black Rattlesnake with white and gold stripe patterns across his handsome black back. The book is a wild […]

Starting great conversations

“I have already read A Rattler’s Tale several times in my classes and it startedgreat conversations with all groups” (Kay, 1st-4th grade specialty teacher).8/28/21

For adults TOO!

A wonderful read for all ages! Reviewed in the United States on December 14, 2021 What a delight “A Rattle’s Tale” was! At first I thought it was just aimed for children, but going through the stories and vivid interactions between humans and animals inevitably invited me to reflect on the vital importance of not […]