A Rattler’s Tale by Nancy Marshall is destined to become a classic. Seldom a book comes out that is both educational and enjoyable for both children and adults.She masterfully tells the story from the animal’s point of view. It is both informative and humorous…a must read. [David Blakey,  12/21, Westwind Academy]


     An Arizona Black Rattlesnake speaks: “First things first. Who lives in these hills and valleys year-round? From the desert to the mountains, this land is my land. It belongs to me and a lot of other animals.  Humans are definitely the invasive species.”  The rattlesnake tells us tales of wild animals in the […]

Teachers and Kids Love “A RATTLER’S TALE”

“I have already read A Rattler’s Tale several times in my classes and it started great conversations with all groups” (Kay, 1st-4th grade specialty teacher).8/28/21   Looking for a gift for an elementary school teacher or an elementary school child, this is the perfect one. It’s educational, charming, exciting and offers a née point of […]

The Illustrations are Great

The illustrations are truly marvelous!  You found a very talented artist.  Although I haven’t read it yet, I can already tell it’s going to make a perfect Hanukkah gift for my little nephew, who loves wild animals.  (Nirit S)

Kids will Love this Book!

  This book is both super fun to read and packed with “wow, I didn’t know that” tidbits about Arizona wildlife. With an amazing writing style that speaks with kids and not to them, Marshall frames a valuable message within the observations of a rattler’s close encounters with humans. I’ve never read anything quite like […]