A Rattler’s Tale


Humorous, action-packed, and wonderfully informative, this science and nature book brings adventure to young readers. Captivatingly illustrated by a fisheries biologist, discover what happens when a skunk meets Mom in the shed and when the mountain lion lands on the family car.

Written and authentically illustrated in chapter format geared to 3rd – 7th graders, it’s an easy read for everyone young and old who enjoys a set of short stories from a fresh viewpoint. It offers a contemporary flavor with a lasting nugget of truth for all.

A full compilation of detailed animal descriptions, taxonomy charts, suggested resources for further exploration, plus questions and projects to expand the learning makes this book valuable for the classroom, library, and homeschool. It teaches respect for wild life and that all creatures have a place in the tapestry of life. A great stepping off point for discussion about how we treat the world around us.

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