A Dry Hate - Power Versus the People

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“A suspenseful storyline in A Dry Hate: Power Versus The People brings current events to life as author Nancy Marshall weaves fact into fiction, providing realistic, sometimes sympathetic characters and motives. In addition, she provides an excellent backdrop of First Amendment issues and a display of power and propaganda in action — an easy and worthwhile read for those who want to understand Arizona immigration politics. Marshall, former director of the Arizona Civil Liberties Union and defense attorney for a jailed activist, is thoroughly familiar with the Constitutional issues that surface throughout the novel.”
Terry Goddard, Former Arizona Attorney General

Someone disrupted the silence but he didn’t identify himself. “You don’t know they’re citizens.”

In early June, Professor Ivan Wilder had met Ms. Emily Hartwell, hotshot defense attorney, at the door of his classroom. Last night, they slept together under the shooting stars. This afternoon, two Deputies stuck them in separate stinking jail cells. How the hell?

With an abiding concern for fairness in the face of abuse of power, attorney Nancy Hicks Marshall defended one of the many persons arrested and jailed by Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Deputies but found innocent at trial. Marshall was born and raised on Long Island, educated in the East, and worked in New York City for several years. She moved to Arizona in 1975 and served almost five years as Executive Director of the Arizona Civil Liberties Union.