Reviews for
A Dry Hate

Sandra Day O'Connor

U.S. Supreme Court Justice (Retired)

”The story is familiar to those of us living in Arizona—sadly too familiar. You did a good job articulating our sad story—the future is yet uncertain.”

Daniel R. Ortega, Jr. Esq.

A Dry Hate is about a sheriff arresting Latinos and activists in Maricopa County, Arizona. But it is much more. This complex and very readable tale is set in the summer of 2010, when SB1070 (the state anti-immigrant law) went into effect. Author Nancy Marshall has exposed some of the most intimate details of abuse of power and the very hard work that has been done to combat that abuse. An attorney with in-depth knowledge of unconstitutional arrests and jailings, Ms. Marshall has crafted characters from the Latino community and various other backgrounds, who come to life and provide us with a real opportunity to appreciate the people affected by official abuse of power.”


Former U. S. Representative

“Nancy Marshall’s A Dry Hate blends her considerable knowledge of the law and of Arizona into a fast-paced novel of ideas. Her book rewards the reader with novelistic excitement and with a deeper understanding of local politics, culture, and the heated debate over immigration in our state.”

Steve Nakamoto

Writer’s Digest Award-Winning Author

“Author Nancy Marshall writes with a passion for justice. In this book she provides a complete cast of characters who make an intriguing story and keep the reader engaged, whether you like these folks or not. The politically naïve college professor; the sheriff’s deputy; his son in the professor’s class; a young woman who graduated high school with honors but without documents; a dedicated – put secretly perverse – assistant county attorney; a timid sheriff’s secretary who overhears everything – these are but a few of the actors who will keep your interest. It’s complex, but not confusing, and it has a few heart stopping twists before the climax. For book groups, there are discussion questions at the end. For teachers, there are tools to analyze propaganda. Curious about Arizona’s immigration meltdown? A short summary of SB 1070 gives you the bottom line. And for those who love a hike in the wilderness, Ivan the professor takes several weekend getaways to the mountains and creeks of Arizona, where he always learns more about the universe, and about himself. All of these make this such an interesting read.”

Randy Parraz

Co-Founder and President, Citizens for a Better Arizona

“There is a delicate balance between reciting the facts and telling a readable tale. In her novel, author and lawyer Nancy Marshall has told a page-turner of a story, all the while capturing vital details of incidents that are incredibly true-to-life. Readers will enjoy the complexity of Arizona’s people and politics and begin to understand the abuse of power that threatens all Arizonans.”

Dianne Post

International Human Rights Attorney

“Fifty years from now this story will be an important piece of history. Today it’s a living example of the uprising of the Hispanic civil rights movement with Arizona as its epicenter. It makes clear the imbalance of power in our society that has pitted the 99% against the 1% and necessitated the rise of the Occupy movement. For fiction reading that’s not instantly forgettable, this story leaves you with chicken soup rather than cotton candy.”

Audrey Zannini

Student Development Coordinator, Int

“I read and enjoyed both of your books. [A RATTLER’S TALE and A DRY HATE]. I think they would be suitable for students to read, especially ESL students.”