Reviews for
A Rattler's Tale

Anita N. Voelker

Guest Columnist,
Best Reads for Kids,
Arizona Republic

”Arizonian Nancy Hicks Marshall took the idea of magic and gave it to an Arizona black rattlesnake! In her newly published book, “A Rattler’s Tale: When Wild Animals Encounter Humans”, Marshall introduces a cast of wild characters from a red tailed hawk to a white tailed deer . . . This beautifully illustrated book is a compelling read that offers lively information about the wild life in our state. I recommend it as an ideal read aloud for school aged children and adults. Plus you have an opportunity to become friends with a rattlesnake. Now that’s . . . wild!” Read the full review from the Arizona Republic.

Cindy Yurth

President of the Black Hat Humane Society

“This delightful book turns tail on the human-centric view of the universe most of us unwittingly subscribe to. Narrated by a black rattlesnake and captivatingly illustrated by a fisheries biologist, A Rattler’s Tale logs a year’s worth of interactions between a human family and the Arizona wildlife that inhabit the environs of their mountain cabin. By good (and occasionally bad) example, the book teaches that all creatures have a place in the colorful tapestry of creation.”​

Kay Bordwell

Grand Canyon Sierra Club Group Executive Committee for Wildlife

A Rattler’s Tale is a wonderful set of short animal/human encounters that bring awareness of how we are so connected to our habitat and the animals that live in it, just out of sight (for the most part). A great read for adults and children alike and a stepping off point to start important conversations about how we treat the world around us. The rattler’s narrative is informative, yet personal, and brings the reader into the viewpoint of an often-feared species.”

Ellen Dean

Literacy Advocate

“This is a wonderful book about humans’ relationship with nature, enhanced by delightful illustrations. As the coordinator for 20 years of the read aloud literacy programs, BookPALS and Sunshine Readers, I would endorse this book as a great read aloud for 3rd through 6th graders or even older. Each chapter can stand alone, but the quirky animal characters and especially the snake narrator who ties the whole thing together, will have the kids begging for ‘just one more chapter.’ There are excellent follow-up questions and projects at the end of the book so students can continue their investigation into the wonders of the natural world and their relation to it. It is time we ALL learned to appreciate and respect each other. A Rattler’s Tale emphatically sends that message.”

Kay T.


“I read A Rattler’s Tale with my 1-4th graders and it generated very interesting conversations.”

Travis M.


A Rattler’s Tale was perfect for my son. He’s been terrified of rattlesnakes. This book helped him understand snakes better and respect them, and not be afraid.”

Aime Muzika


“What an amazing set of stories – of nature talking to us. The earth is the home of all living things. This book will put you in conversation with our earthmates – some wild animals. Each animal has a story to tell and the reader can enjoy the artistic work of Nancy Marshall and her illustrator, Lauren Sarantopulos. The book has short awesome stories, it invites you to read more and I recommend this book to all the world’s children to read – A Ratter’s Tale – When Wild Animals Encounter Humans.”

Audrey Zannini

Student Development Coordinator, Int

“I read and enjoyed both of your books. [A RATTLER’S TALE and A DRY HATE]. I think they would be suitable for students to read, especially ESL students.”