About Nugget Press

Nugget Press was born out of a need to produce stories with a gem, a nugget of insight or truth, whether it be born of pain or joy – or just the need to offer a different, but important, point of view.

A RATTLER’S TALE: When Wild Animals Encounter Humans is just such a story. Immediately we learn that the protagonist and storyteller is none other than Mr. Arizona Black Rattlesnake, a major player in his neighborhood but one who has actually been maligned and mistreated  by that visitor species – the human family who occasionally visit.

The entire set of chapters or vignettes provides a nugget of insight about very real animals in a very real national forest, both described and illustrated with the intent to provide a glimmer of insight into their lives. This is not “anthropomorphism,” a loaded term intended to dismiss the ability of some humans to look deeper into the nature of animals. It is a result of careful observation and the willingness to suspend our common, and overly humano-centric approach to the rest of nature.

A Dry Hate was inspired by true events.

In 2008, a friend was jailed and charged with “disturbing the peace” at a public meeting. Film footage of the incident—required to be disclosed to the Defense by the Prosecution—showed no such disturbance by the four defendants, who were hauled out of their seats, cuffed, marched down the center aisle, and jailed. The arrest by the Deputy Sheriff was an abuse of power. And since there was no ‘probable cause’ to arrest, there was and reason for the County Attorney to take the case to trial. All defendants were found innocent.

Offering Fresh Insights

Nugget Press will continue to seek stories which offer a fresh insight into matters about which you perhaps thought you already knew the “truth.”

Other books scheduled to be published by Nugget Press in 2024-2025 include Your Community Garden, a book for adults, A BOOK OF PRO-S: An Alphabetical Chat About Things We Can Like, and El Cuento de La Serpiente de Cascabel (the Spanish translation of A Rattler’s Tale).