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About Nugget Press

Nugget Press was born out of a need to produce stories with a gem, a nugget of insight or truth, whether it be born of pain or joy – or just the need to offer a different, but important, point of view.

A RATTLER’S TALE: When Wild Animals Encounter Humans is just such a story. Immediately we learn that the protagonist and storyteller is none other than Mr. Arizona Black Rattlesnake, a major player in his neighborhood but one who has actually been maligned and mistreated  by that visitor species – the human family who occasionally visit.

The entire set of chapters or vignettes provides a nugget of insight about very real animals in a very real national forest, both described and illustrated with the intent to provide a glimmer of insight into their lives. This is not “anthropomorphism,” a loaded term intended to dismiss the ability of some humans to look deeper into the nature of animals. It is a result of careful observation and the willingness to suspend our common, and overly humano-centric approach to the rest of nature.

Offering Fresh Insights

Nugget Press will continue to seek stories which offer a fresh insight into matters about which you perhaps thought you already knew the “truth.”

Other books soon to be published by Nugget Press in 2021-2022 include A DRY HATE: ODIO SECO and A BOOK OF PRO-S: An Alphabetical Chat About Things we can Like.