A Dry Hate


In 2008, a friend was jailed and charged with “disturbing the peace” at a public meeting. Film footage of the incident—required to be disclosed to the Defense by the Prosecution—showed no such disturbance by the four defendants, who were hauled out of their seats, cuffed, marched down the center aisle, and jailed. The arrest by the Deputy Sheriff was an abuse of power. And since there was no ‘probable cause’ to arrest, there was and reason for the County Attorney to take the case to trial. All defendants were found innocent.

A Dry Hate: Power Verses the People. Abuse of power takes many forms—from not doing the job one has sworn to do, to misspending publicly allocated funds, to blatant violations of individuals’ civil rights and liberties.

This pattern of multiple abuses of power that threatened our democracy locally (Arizona) in 2010, has gone viral in recent years. Thus, it is imperative to tell this story, inspired by true events, to expose the abuses that we should resist.

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