My Kids LOVED it!

My 3rd grade kids loved this book! When I suggested we not finish and go to another book during our reading time, they said, “NO! We want to finish RATTLER!” Plus, the questions you have prepared to support Arizona STAM guidelines will be super useful! Julie Frost, M.Ed, B. Environmental Ed., 21 years teaching third […]

Antics of Wild Neighbors – Savvy Humor

  Antics of his wild neighbors through a rattler’s eyes A rattler in the wild country invites you to live with him to observe the lives of his neighbors. Both predator and prey, the rattler is wary and knowledgeable, for his own life depends upon being a keen observer. Though never out of danger himself, […]

Not just for Grade School Kids

  Listen to the Snake! I recently had the privilege of listening to the author read A Rattler’s Tale – for the purpose of creating an audio book. I found it delightful. Telling the story from the point of view of the snake was inspired. This isn’t just a book for grade school kids – […]

Will be a wonderful Movie

Attention to movie producers This is a perfect book for the whole family, especially for the elementary school children’s, I hope to see it turns into a movie. So more people can enjoy it “A Rattler’s Tale”! It’s educational, charming, exciting, It’s a great book to read and will be a be wonderful movie to […]

A symphony!

I’m thrilled with your book! If’s fabulous…a symphony! Everyone I’ve loaned to has loved it. [Pat Christensen, retired elementary school teacher]

Charming and Insightful

This charming, witty and insightful book, “The Rattler’s Tale” narrated by a very precocious and handsome Arizona Black Rattlesnake, hopefully has raised the human consciousness. I know that it has mine – to increase the awareness of and reverence towards our forest brothers and sisters. If the sensitivity and respect expressed by the author, Nancy […]

Magnificent and Hilarious: Bear Essential News Review

“Full of stories narrated by Mr. Arizona Rattlesnake, who shares his point of view…the illustrations are magnificent and sometimes hilarious which brings the characters to life. “The stories teach people to be considerate of other species in our forest and if we must take something from the forest, to take only what we need. ‘If […]

A Rare Jewel – Madrean Archipelago Endorsement

I have been savoring your lovely book reading a vignette or two nightly over the holiday season. You are a rare jewel in writing this book to offer the world.  If one is able to walk on Mother Earth as if every step is a prayer and truly see all God’s creatures then they will […]

Liberty Wildlife – Wonderful Book

“This wonderful book teaches respect for wild animals and for nature. Our mission at Liberty Wildlife is to nurture the nature of Arizona.  And, our focus on native wildlife includes the often misunderstood rattlesnake. We strongly encourage respect, protection, and compassion for all wildlife. The more educated people are about nature and the wild creatures with […]

I’m Ordering More Copies

I’m ordering three more copies. The youngsters haven’t received their copy yet, but adults at home during holiday season have been enjoying Rattlers Tale. John C., New York, January 2, 2022.